Summer In Yunnan

Today Yunnan tea is famous all over the world.  You can chose to travel with inDepth Yunnan and discover the very historic Tea-Horse Trade Route between the Yunnan and Tibet. During the Sui Dynasty, (581–618 AD) the emperor issued an edict to expanded trade ties between the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau and the Yunnan hinterland.  Come and experience history while walking back 1500 years to the Tea Trade Routes of Yunnan.

Yunnan China’s Extraordinary Adventures

inDepth China is a hybrid adventure seeking and culture engaging travel service. Our focus in Yunnan is on innovative, un-commonplace, and unconventional journeys.  We really do live on the road less traveled! Our travel portfolio features culture-centric, relationship engaging, and shoulder rubbing experiences formulated expressly to bring increased understanding, mutual exchanges, and enlightened perceptions of this world we live in!

Engage –culture, people, religion, history

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Come and Engage Yunnan
with us

Adventure –trekking and hiking

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Come and Adventure as a mountaineer, birder, water runner, land-loper, globetrotter, runabout, cyclist, foot passenger, roughrider!

Experience–groups, individuals, families, couples

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Come and Experience Yunnan as Groups, as an Individual, as a Families, as a Couple

Explore –Experiential Education and Photography

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Schools and Corporations Engage by using our unique environment to learn how culture manifests itself in people, processes and systems.

Share –Community Service in Yunnan

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Community Service

Make Community Service part
of your Yunnan Experience

Yunnan Itineraries -Review Sample Yunnan Tours

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Yunnan Itineraries

View all of our sample itineraries. BUT remember these are just samples -we want you to customize your own one-of-a-kind itinerary.

孔夫子曾经说过, “ 有朋自远方来, 不亦乐乎 ” 
  What a joy it is to have friends
coming from afar! 


InDepth China Style

The ultimate goal of inDepth China is to awaken real cultural exchanges. It all starts with one mind, willing to breakthrough norms and open itself to exploring the unexpected. Our company is world renowned for our service, attention to details, creativity, and relational values. While our approach is as professional as any in the Travel Industry, our experiences are designed to make things happen in the back alleys, courtyards, and back country trails. While in Yunnan you can exchange ideas with a Naxi shaman in a small mountain village, partake in Donba Pictographic Characters lessons with Professor Guo in his courtyard house, meet one on one with a Tibetan Lama in a rural monastery, homestay with local Shangri-la family in their huge traditional Tibetan house. Contact us today about our more than 150 different options throughout China, you're sure to land on the trip of a lifetime, every time you travel with us.